Karisha Community

Bridging Food, Medicine, and Health, for All.
Donate to the Karisha Community Vision

Karisha Community

Bridging Food, Medicine, and Health, for All.
Donate to the Karisha Community Vision

Welcome to Karisha.

Austin Health Commons is fully committed to a new paradigm shift to conscious health care and affordable access for everyone to holistic healthcare.

THANK YOU! Austin Health Commons raised $10,300 to cultivate root cause community healing.

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Karisha represents a new culture of health care, delivered in a nurturing space where patients receive care provided by a broad range of professionals who love their work. In time it will serve as a vehicle to transform health care in Central Texas and the US.

Karisha Community unites medicine, food, and well-being with a:

healing kitchen yoga/physical therapy studio

community networking space


integrative medical clinic

Karisha providers listen intently, then individualize health care to meet the goals and health needs of their patients; This way we deliver appropriate care according to the person’s needs, sensitivities, and cultural background. We care for acute and chronic illnesses while also supplementing the body’s innate capacity to heal. For those free of disease and those gaining freedom from it, we illuminate the path to well-being: health for the body, calm for the mind, and bliss for the spirit. We believe everyone should have access to affordable, quality health care. We WILL accept all insurances — public and private (including Medicaid and Medicare) and have a sliding scale fee if you do not have healthcare coverage.
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We will open memberships to the public in 2019 and open our doors summer 2019. We always welcome time, ideas, or donations. Email us at karishacommunity@gmail.com.

Wellness and Healing Opportunities from our Providers (Private Practices)
The Karisha Providers Collaborative is full of incredibly skilled and talented professionals who have thriving practices. We are honored to highlight their on-goings, in hopes that you take advantage of the ones that serve you and your well being. Learn more about our events.

Karisha Offerings

Karisha Offerings are classes or serives that are donation-based and that support both the practicioner and Karisha. These offerings are intended to bring a nrage of accessible, healing arts to our community before we provide services in our actual space.

Karisha Offerings are always pay what you can and wish. 50% of proceeds goes to the provider, and 50% goes to Karisha PBC (Public Benefit Corportation). To see what is ahead, please visit our events page.

Karisha Community: Bridging Food, Medicine, and Health
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