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Truth, Racial Healing, Transformation 2018

October 13 & 14, 2018


“Our work is overcoming a great divide… the hierarchy of human value.”  ―    Dr. Gail Christopher

In October, we will welcome Dr. Gail Christopher, formerly Senior Advisor at the Kellogg Institute & architect of Truth, Racial Healing, Transformation circles, for our Austin Health Commons 2018 Vision in Creation gathering: Truth, Racial Healing, Transformation.

Join us as we bring together diverse groups of Austinites to share our stories to create connection and understanding. That sharing is healing, and once we heal from our collective past, it is transformative for our city.

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Who knew healthcare could be so complicated?

Austin Health Commons was formed in 2018 to serve as a steward of Conscious Health Care and of profits generated from Karisha Community’s 14,000 square foot healing and healing center soon to be built in Central East Austin. Planned to be a public trust, the Austin Health Commons shifts ownership of health care from corporations back to community, and we cultivate community commonwealth through health. Read more about our 2017 1st Annual Vision Gathering.

Karisha Community’s prototype health and healing center fosters an individual’s innate capacity to love and heal. Similarly, our Health Commons fosters our community’s innate capacity to love and heal. In the Fall of 2018, Austin Health Commons will welcome Dr. Gail Christopher, formerly Senior Advisor at the Kellogg Institute, for our Austin Health Commons 2018 Vision in Creation gathering: Truth, Healing, and Transformation. Dr Christopher will come to town in the Summer of 2018 to meet with community leaders who wish to take part in our Fall Healing Circles gathering and begin root cause healing in our own community.

Healing begins with Truth. We begin with a non judging understanding of the facts, of a history in our nation which we all inherited. Sometimes, facing the truth means lifting a collective amnesia that’s promoted by our common culture. Sometimes, facing the truth means healing collective trauma that simmers in our brothers and sisters. It must all be done with love, care, and intention to heal and move forward together.

Transformation happens once we imbibe the truth, face it head on,

humble ourselves, and take a step forward.

rad·i·cal: ˈradək(ə)l/, adjective
(especially of change or action) relating to or affecting the
fundamental nature of something; far-reaching or thorough.

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