Karisha Health Commons Invite

In the summer of 2017, we held our first Health Commons Vision Board to assess root causes of what ails our health care set up in the US and how we can address that through a new paradigm for care that shifts ownership from corporations to community.


Here is what we shared:

AKH Health Commons Presentation


Here is what we developed:

Health Commons Vision Board Meeting Summary


Who knew

Healthcare could be so Complicated?


Bridging Food, Medicine, and Health, for All

Health Commons Vision Board:

Creating Common Wealth in our Community through Health

Date: June 16 & 17, 2017

Time: Friday 4-8pm, Saturday 10am-5pm

Evite to Reserve

If you would like to join us virtually, rsvp, and we will contact you the days of the event.


2200 Riverview Street, Austin, Texas 78702

 With Thought Leaders

Jamie Harvie - Institute for a Sustainable Future and Commons Health

John Katovich - Cutting Edge Capital

Facilitated by

Rich Russakoff - Coach to the Best

Hosted By

Amina Haji, MD and Simel Bey, DAOM (c), LaC

Friends and colleagues, we are deeply concerned about the state of health care. Health has been depleted in our delivery systems, providers and communities. Our common culture is rooted in an economic system that is fast paced, competitive, and empty. As a result, life has become a transaction; doctors the transactors; corporation the owners; holistic providers outsiders; and community interests forgotten.

We wish to restore health while ensuring health care is restorative.

Why we need you

We want to create a new operating system for health care that will create a common wealth in our community, transcend any one person's intention or vision and serve our community's best interest. We call it Conscious Health Care. We wish to develop this with you - those who care deeply about ensuring all stakeholders are at the table, and all needs are met in this new operating system.

As co-creators of Karisha Community with a planned opening of our prototype center in Central East Austin in 2019, Simel and Amina would be honored to share your presence.

Focus for the Health Commons Vision Board

  • define root causes of existing problems in health care
  • understand how health care fails to serve community interests
  • propose vibrant lasting ideas and solutions
  • begin to develop a collective meaning of Conscious Health Care
  • create a Health Commons movement in Austin, Texas

 Our working concept    

Once we define problems and envision solutions for new ways to ensure we meet the needs of primary stakeholders in healthcare - community, patients (all of us!), providers - our belief is that the financing and ownership structures can be designed to support the vision.  That’s why we’re bringing in Jamie Harvie and John Katovich. The Food Commons was developed by a group of individuals deeply committed to shifting ownership of our food system.

  • create common wealth through community financing (could we shift ownership from corporation to community through a Direct Public Offering?)
  • ensure community ownership of health care (could a Trust own our B Corp and ensure we fulfill our mission to serve all?)
  • model: The Food Commons, Fresno, California
  • Excellent Reading: The Next Health System - by Jamie Harvie, Institute for a Sustainable Future