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Integrative Health and Medicine for All
Dedicated to Karim and Asha Haji , my physician parents, who taught me the service, humanity, and art of medicine. And to “the best social entrepreneur of our generation,” Priya Haji (1970-2014) my late sister from your light sparks many more.

Fundraising Goals and Development

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Amina Haji, MD
and the Karisha Community Providers

Our Progress

Site Secured!
We are honored to hold 1.5 acres of land with ample green space in Central Austin at the Northwest corner of East 51st Street and Springdale. We are thrilled to find a place that allows us to build a spacious healing center accessible to a broad range of patients and neighbors.

Architect Secured!
We are greatful to have Bhavani Singal of Workshop No.5 to help us manifest collaboration by design. Bhavani brings experience in retail, restaurant, and medical center design in Austin and the Bay Area, making her a great fit for Karisha PBC’s development team.

Construction Project Manager Secured!
We are fortunate to partner with Scott Taylor of Tierra Concepts, who brings 20 years of experience in the banking industry and construction project management thereafter to help us secure the financing for our future home and get it off the ground (literally).2016 – 2018 – Architectural, Operations, Financial Design. Develop Conscious Health Care paradigm and Team.

Summer 2017 – Austin Health Commons formed

Summer 2018 – Austin Health Commons development

Winter 2020 – Financing, Permitting for Construction of Karisha PBC prototype center

Spring 2021 – Break ground for our prototype center at East 51st & Springdale Rd, Austin Texas!

Fall 2021 – Karisha Memberships available for our future guests

Spring 2022 – Welcome to Karisha Community … doors open!

We are so grateful to our donors who are moving Karisha Community from vision to creation.

A heartfelt thank you to the following donors.
Or as we like to call them, Co-Creators of Karisha!

Mohan Mahimtura – Karisha Transformer
Arya Creative
Tyson Brown
Susan Lee
Daniel Brinkley
Amie Maciszewski
Ian Alward
Erica Benedicto
Qazi Javed
Jonathan Beall
Melissa Smith
Mahesh Thakrar
Ian Tennant
Nakia Scott, MD
Joanna Mandell
Tarek Morshed
Elizabeth Hampton
Adit Ginde
Kara Penn
Itzel McClaren
Nancy Bliss
Michael Martin, MD
Emily Hirsh, MD
Jeanne Cook, MD
Geeti Mahajan
Juan Mijares
James Zachary
Chris Diraddo
Alejandra Carrasco, M.D.
James Zachary, MD
Chris Diraddo
Adam Smith, DO
Anita Jones, FNP
Nakia Scott, MD
Robin May-Davis, MD
Dr. & Mrs. Anup Amin
Mary Ann Gonzales, MD
Dana Sprute, MD
Suman Olney
Shilpa Amin
Aruna Chindalore
Sarla Inamdar, MD
Beaudean Seil
Ariana Thompson-Lastad
Rushika Fernandopulle, MD
Sharad Kohli, MD
Rhonda Rutlege
Nicole Griffis
Fernando Rivera
Monica Mehta
Kanak Varde, MD
Begum Ahmed
Angela Jenkins-Bey
Kristine Adams
Jonathan Ebinger
Meera Chandrasekaran, DDS
Rumi S
Nishant Mahimtura
Sheila Dhandha, MD
Sylvia Stinson
Jan Keli Sotelo
Heather Venhaus
Ali Ronder
Dr. Dana
Paige Trabulsi
Claire Hayenga
Hillary MacDonald
Blanca Alvarado
Kathy Mitchell
Whole Health Austin
Piyush Bhargava
Elliot Trester, MD
Ana Gutierrez
Ashley Maltz, MD
Corey Ann Seldon
Amie Maciszewski
Susan Lee
Arya Creative
Daniel Brinkley
Tyson Brown
Iqbal Haji
Noor Haji

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