Own your health,
live well, and thrive!


Karisha is a vision for the future of health care. We are developing a transformative prototype for whole-person health and health care for all. 

We seek to offer a healing environment where individuals and families drive their well-being in partnership with a collaborative team of practitioners.

Our purpose is to foster the innate human capacity to love, heal and thrive.

About our work

We are a public benefit corporation, that is forging a new transformative model for healing. 

We provide health care based on our shared humanity. We welcome all people, all ages, genders, ethnicities, sexual orientations and economic backgrounds. Our work begins with how we care for ourselves and how we treat others. We frame self-care as the basis of preventative health. We offer services to nurture self care, which translates to prosperity for our families, children, community, and world.

Find out how you can own your health, live well and thrive!

“Our purpose is to foster the innate human capacity to love, heal and thrive.”

Amina Haji, M.D.
CEO & Founder

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Why matters! It’s a great question that can help guide us toward conscious living and Conscious Health and Healthcare.   Why are we, as doctors, more inclined to prescribe pills and diagnostic or...

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Conscious Health and Healthcare

Conscious Health and Healthcare

At Karisha, we’re redefining our common concept of health and healthcare to serve myriad unmet needs in our community. Our new model is based on something we’re calling “Conscious Health and Healthcare.” We’re creating a new framework for a health care system that takes the whole person into account, as individuals and as members of a wider community

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