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Amina Haji, M.D.

CEO & Founder, Integrative Family Medicine 

Karisha is a prototype for whole person, collaborative care nested in a community committed to Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation, and stewarded by the Austin Health Commons. Austin Health Commons (AHC) is a nonprofit organization that cultivates root cause community healing through a process called Truth, Racial Healing, Transformation (TRHT) developed by the Kellogg Foundation.  AHC aims to shift ownership of health back to our communities.  We know that individual change is not all that is needed for all people to have the opportunity to live well and thrive.  To provide equitable health and health care, we must address the systems in place that are based on a hierarchy of human value. Karisha Community Center for Wellness is one of the ways that AHC seeks to transform health and health care for all.

AHC is a 501c3 nonprofit organization founded in 2016. We are committed to a healthy, healed community rooted in love. AHC creates health in the places and spaces where health happens – our communities, our homes, our places of worship, our workplaces, our outdoor spaces – while addressing structural inequities and institutionalized racism to impact opportunities and achieve health equity. We   do this through our newly developed paradigm called Conscious Health and Healthcare; through Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation circles and through the newly formed Central Texas Coalition for Racial Equity.   

Karish PBC is a Public Benefit Corporation formed in 2015. It’s a 14,800 SF health and wellness center in development in Central East Austin that serves as a prototype for whole person, collaborative care for all people. Karisha providers will work side by side to deliver primary care – redefined to include mental health and medical care, priority care, and a range of wellness services like health coaching, cooking and nutrition, massage, chiropractic care, and more.  

The AHC – Karisha enterprise structure is stewarded by a Board of Directors and a Community Steering Team to co-govern and ensure we bring lived experience to strategy and programs development.  AHC will eventually own 51% of Karisha PBC so that we fund community health through the provision of world class, collaborative, accessible healthcare for all people and so that a community owns its own health and healthcare. AHC intends eventually to support other physicians and collaborating providers to develop ‘NexCenters’, place-based models of Conscious Health & Healthcare, which serve as a nexus of health in a community.  

AHC and Karisha are committed to shifting our approach from sick care to health care for all people while reclaiming a paradigm for health and healing so that all people can live well and thrive.  

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