Bringing Whole-Person, Integrative Healthcare to EVERYbody

Our model of health is fundamentally different from how the current system works. We’re removing barriers to access and addressing the total equation of true Healthcare. And we’re doing it as a Public Benefit Corporation, with the commitment of community investors instead of the traditional for-profit models. 

Our revenue model will be a mix of insurance reimbursement, membership revenue, and walk-in revenue.  Our membership model, along with transparent pricing and preventative care will ensure that we care for you as a whole person while avoiding practitioner burnout.  And that noBODY will be left behind.

Only 20% of health outcomes are determined by clinical care, yet traditional healthcare tends to focus exclusively on treating this one part —the physical. We know that 80% of our health is based on other factors—who we are, where we live, how we live, and what we do, think, feel, and eat. Your heart, your spirit, and your community determine your well-being.

We seek to shift from sick care to whole-person care.

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Karisha is advancing whole person and inclusive community health and healthcare in Austin.


Karisha addresses four key healthcare problems:

  • The growing demand for putting health back in healthcare by treating the root cause of problems rather than just their symptoms.
  • Disparities in health outcomes—Did you know that residents on the east side of Austin live 10 to 22 years less than their westside counterparts?
  • The physician shortage in East Austin affects all residents, insured and uninsured alike.
  • And finally, soaring health care costs impacts all individuals and families.

Karisha is a unique, whole person healthcare clinic that offers:

Collaborative Care

Karisha will provide both primary and priority medical care services, together with integrative and lifestyle medicine, all under one roof. The Center will provide mental health care, physical therapy, massage, acupuncture, and nutrition counseling services—services traditionally not covered by private or public insurance.

Improved Access to Whole-Person Healthcare

By using an affordable membership model, Karisha aims to leave no one behind—insured and uninsured members will be welcome.

Inviting Physical Spaces

The facilities will include an indoor/outdoor reception area, community garden, meditation garden, yoga/mind-body space, physical therapy and training space, and patient-health library.

Healing Kitchen

Staff will conduct cooking classes to teach healthy eating habits. Health-promoting foods will be available for patients to experiment with and sample.

Mental Health Support

Mental health therapy and supportive services will be available, as well as comfortable Healing Spaces to promote serenity and relaxation. 

Our Karisha Provider Community

We will nurture our patients to achieve optimal health and healing in a way that works best for them, using self-care as the basis for improved health. This dynamic interaction between patients and care providers offers more satisfaction and better outcomes for everyone involved.

Our vision is for Karisha Community for Wellness to become a sustainable model that other communities can use to create collaborative practices around the country.

The Disruptive Innovator Bringing HEALTH to Healthcare

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