Shifting the health and healthcare culture


There are many different definitions of what health is and what it looks like. One problem we have in our society and healthcare system is that we believe health is only about taking care of our physical bodies. Health and health care is so much more than that though!

Think about this number: Only 11% of health outcomes are determined by clinical care, yet health care focuses exclusively on this small part of who we are, ignoring everything else that surrounds us.

We know that 89% of our health is based on who we are, where we live, how we live, and what we do, think, feel, and eat. Your heart, your spirit, and your community determine your wellbeing.

We seek to shift from sick care to whole-person care.

Illustration of a doctor in lotus pose

We can do much better!

Collaborative Care

Whole-person health and ancillary care providers practicing with medical doctors under one roof, in an integrated practice with joint case management when applicable.

Improved Access to Whole Person Health care

The Center will provide mental health care, physical therapy, massage, acupuncture, and nutrition therapy for diagnoses traditionally not covered by private or public insurance.

Cultivated Physical Spaces

The facilities will include an indoor/outdoor reception area,  community garden,  meditation garden, yoga/mind-body space, physical therapy/physical training space, and patient health library.

Cooking Kitchen

Staff will prepare healthy meals and teach cooking classes for patients.

Stocked Pantry

Food will be available for staff to utilize and for patient teaching and guidance. 

Comfortable Healing Spaces

Areas will be provided to promote serenity and relaxation.

Karisha Community Center for Wellness seeks to provide health care based on our shared humanity. Karisha’s professional practitioners will work as a collaborative team to offer whole-person care. We will combine traditional allopathy (conventional medical care) with whole-person practices (forms of healing that consider the whole person – body, mind, spirit, and emotions), and all disciplines will be equally valued and integrated to achieve balance and connect all the parts of your care.

Healing that nurtures

We will nurture our patients to achieve optimal health and healing in a way that works best for them, using self-care as the basis for improved health. This dynamic interaction between patients and care providers offers more satisfaction and better outcomes for everyone involved. The Karisha model for wellness is a significant step forward for individuals and families and a model for better living in our community.

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