“Just do it!” were Priya’s words to Amina. Priya, Amina’s late sister, and Amina were riding a cable car in San Francisco when Amina told her about her vision for Karisha Community Center for Wellness—shifting from sick care to healthcare for all people. As they cradled their 2-year-olds in their arms looking out at the city, Priya advised, “Amina, you’re really good at planning and have a passion for healthcare in your DNA. What do you need? A few million dollars? Well, just do it!”

Life is too short for a vision to remain just a dream.

So far we have raised 3 million dollars, secured the land, site, and building permits, and we are well on our way to transforming dream into reality!

You can help us raise the remaining 2.8 million dollars needed to provide operating capital until we are profitable and the cash equity required for construction financing.

Karisha will serve Greater Austin as an innovative, integrative, lifestyle-medicine community that disrupts status quo healthcare—for everybody!

Learn more here, or in the words of Priya:

“Karisha is an inspiration because it places the sacredness of relationship and community at the core of healing.”

— Jamie Harvie

AHC founder & Karisha Board Member

We are opening Karisha Community Center for Wellness, a place where patients achieve optimal health and healing in the way that works best for them. Our group has worked hard and accomplished much with the help of our community. We have:

  • raised more than 3 million dollars from crowdfunding and contributions,
  • purchased 1.5 acres of land at East 51st Street and Springdale Road,
  • received architectural plans from Bhavani Singal of Workshop No. 5,
  • hired Scott Taylor to be our construction project manager, and
  • submitted our site plan and permits to the city of Austin.

Like most of you, our circumstances changed with the pandemic. In 2020, we took the opportunity to revise our operations and practice model. We shifted gears to start tending to patients in our community, despite not yet having our own community center for wellness.

This year, Karisha will launch its first stage: virtual and in-person medical and wellness services for all. This hybrid practice will allow us to bring our providers to the communities we serve. We will offer preventive and wellness care through telemedicine and a temporary location for in-person care.

Some of our practitioners include:

  • Nehal Bhansali, Yoga + Ayurveda lifestyle coach
  • Shama Blaney, LMT, Massage Therapist + Whole Health coach
  • Paulina Caban, ND, Naturopath + Functional Medicine practitioner
  • Chinwe Efuribe, MD, FAAP, Doctor of Integrative Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine, Lifestyle Medicine for Pediatrics
  • Amina Haji, MD, Primary Care physician
  • Anita Jung-Rajamani, LPC, FAPA, Psychotherapist
  • Daniel Llanes, Reiki + Mesoamerican Healing practitioner
  • Ruby Rose, MD, Doctor of Integrative Care + Emergency/Priority Care
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