Our story


Look at our world today. 

Our healthcare system has failed to address the fundamental contributors to our health. 

The conventional medical practice routinely ignores self-care and preventive procedures. 

There is an ever-growing disparity among those who can afford to receive state-of-the-art treatments and those who struggle to pay the bills.

We can and must do better than this!

Illustration of a doctor in lotus pose

In 2015, a group of practitioners and community members joined efforts to fill the need in our community for whole person medical care and prevention accessible to all.

We believe that every person deserves to own their health, live well, and thrive. 

We aim to open Karisha Community Center for Wellness, a place where patients achieve optimal health and healing in the way that works best for them.  Our group has worked hard and accomplished much with the help of our community:

  • We have raised more than a quarter of a million dollars from crowdfunding and contributions.
  • We purchased 1.5 acres of land at East 51st Street and Springdale Road.
  • We have received architectural plans from Bhavani Singal of Workshop No.5.
  • We have hired Scott Taylor to be our Construction Project Manager, and we have submitted our site plan and permits to the City of Austin.

Like most of you, our circumstances changed with the pandemic. 2020 provided us with the opportunity to revise our operations and practice model. It urged us to shift gears and start tending to patients in our community, even without our own community center for wellness.

This year, Karisha will begin to operate by deploying a virtual and outreach model that will allow us to bring our providers to the communities we serve. We will offer preventive and wellness care through telemedicine and convenient locations to patients, like neighborhoods, schools, churches, community centers, and public parks.

We are grateful to our donors who are moving Karisha Community Center for Wellness from vision to creation. We continue the necessary work to fulfill our mission, and invite you to join us in our journey to bring health to all.

“Karisha is an inspiration because it places the sacredness of relationship and community at the core of healing.”

— Jamie Harvie

AHC founder & Karisha board member


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